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For more than four decades, the Mabu Hotels & Resorts chain has upheld its commitment to respect its surrounding communities and environments. It operates in the entertainment and hospitality sector, aware of its role in balancing economic growth with the needs of the environment and society. At the Mabu Thermas Grand Resort, the Sustainability Management Policy has been in effect since 2012 and its main objective is to positively transform the hotel sector and to reduce its impact.



The Mabu Thermas Grand Resort undertakes measures to minimize the impact generated by its operations, thereby increasing the benefits of its services to have a positive impact.


Management of Natural Resources

At the resort, the Sustainability Management Policy is implemented through the management of natural resources (energy, gas and water), solid waste and actions aimed at improving safety and social and environmental responsibility.


The results are remarkable, leading to a 30% reduction in energy consumption and the treatment of 100% of the Mabu Thermas resort’s waste water  – using its own RALF (Anaerobic Fluidized Effluent Reactor) waste treatment plant.


The Mabu Thermas Grand Resort is also the first resort in Brazil to obtain sustainability certification, in compliance with NBR 15401 of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).


  • Sustentabilidade
  • Sustentabilidade
  • Sustentabilidade
  • Sustentabilidade
  • Sustentabilidade

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